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£6.00 Adult Entry

Fell Running Exhibition - Feb to Dec 2024 at The Armitt, Ambleside

Using the Nintendo Wii for Jogging

First ensure the TV and the Wii are switched on and that there is a disc, Wii Fit Plus in the Wii console. The TV should pick up the Wii and you should see the Wii Fit Plus icon on top left of screen.

  1. Using the Wii remote pick the Wii Fit Plus icon with the on screen hand and press A on remote
  2. Hover on screen, hand over the START button and press the A button on the remote. Wait a few seconds and read safety instructions.
  3. You are now at the Wii Fit Plaza screen. Hover the on screen, hand over Guest F and press A on the remote.
  4. At the Guest F screen hover on screen hand over Start and press A on remote
  5. Press A on the remote a couple of times to get to the Calendar screen.
  6. At Calendar screen hover on screen hand on Training button and press A on remote.
  7. Follow instructions to clear the area where you will be using the remote. Then Press A button on the remote when asked to.
  8. At next screen, Training Menu, you will have on right:
    • Training Plus button
    • Yoga button
    • Muscle Workouts button
    • Aerobic Exercises button
    • Balance Games button
  9. Use the on screen hand to pick out Training Plus and press A on the remote.
  10. At this next screen, Training Plus, pick out the training session you would like to take part in.
    For example:
    • Pick Jogging Plus. Note no Balance board required.
    • Pick Obstacle Course. Balance board required.

Follow on screen instructions at the training session you pick.

  • Use the Back button to return to the menu.
  • Or use the Home button, then Wii Menu to return to the Wii start screen by pressing A on the remote.

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