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£6.00 Adult Entry

Fell Running Exhibition - Feb to Dec 2024 at The Armitt, Ambleside

Ambleside Armitt Challenge

As part of the Running Int Fells exhibition (February 2024 to October 2024) we will be setting out a long distance route over the fells taking in 21 of the iconic Lake District fells.

Our website will detail the route and how to register your round. A link on the site will go to the list of persons who have done this and also to an online certificate.

Further details will be posted as the route is developed over the next few months.

Bridge House, Ambleside © Jumpy JamesBridge House, Ambleside © Jumpy James

Come to see, hear and feel so much more at The Armitt in Ambleside throughout 2024

Exhibition Contributors

  • The Armitt
  • VOOM Nutrition
  • KONG Running
  • The Climbers Shop
  • Ultra Magazine
  • Site by Jumpy James